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Touch Sensing Animation Counter for Retail Store

Model Number:DP-DT004
Minimum Order Quantity:1 SET
Main Material:Wood, Touch Sensor, Acrylic, Luminous
Delivery Time:20-25 days after prototype confirmed
Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Cash (30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment)
Warranty:1 year
Place of Origin:China
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Product Description

● The touch sensing counter, as animation display, is permanent or half-permanent furniture. When customers pick up the product and place it to sensing area, the screen plays relative animation videos automatically. We provide bespoke animation props design and production. Expert in trade market displays, space design and total retail solution for 20 years. Considering on the retail store’s location, display functions and win-guests methods, provide the suitable design proposal and production recommendation.Depending on your product’s visual photos, bespoke one unique commercial counter display for retail stores.


● Fabricated from wood, customized curved screen, Infrared Sensor and others.
● Size, color, and design concept all can be customized as requirements.
● Custom the programme for light effect as required; Made out of multi-material.
● Provide visual or effect sketches to us, we develop production and material as required.
● Product finished surface is customized.
● Power and adaptor can be configured to your region.
● Package usually use "Elastic Film + Cardboard Corner Protection + Full Protection of foam board + Wooden Box".



● Animation Props apply to shopping malls, island counters, retail stores, window displays, exhibitions, pop up stores, pharmacies, road show events and podium, etc.

Competitive Advantage

● Provide 24 hour 7 days service
● More than 20 years experience in A line brand retail displays
● One to one customer service team
● Provide branding whole case solutions
● Self-Own factory price and high-quality products
● Global delivery and installation service

Custom Service

● One touch sensing display help users automatically introduction the products to customers, promoting products sales. After getting RFQ, our team contacts with you within 24 hour, communicating with you the details, offering the props design proposal or manufacturing craft plan in 3 days. Overall consideration of the product's color, main function, display position, temporary POP or permanent fixtures situation, designers provide customized props solutions to achieve the optimal effect.


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