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2013 Reddot Design Winner-Magic Mirror

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Magic Mirror

When users make up, they stand closer to the mirror so that seeing face clearly. This mirror with an infrared sensor is to detect the distance between the user with mirror, which changes the surface into concave, flat or convex depending on the distance, zooming in or out. It makes user easily looking themselves in the mirror clear.

Three Effects

1. Closer distance effect
Users makeup eyes and lip, they need to see the details clearly. The magic mirror turns to convex to zoom the area.

2.Flat mirror effect
Users stand about 50-100cm away from the mirror, which turns to a normal mirror.

3.Zoom out effect
When looking the whole dressed image in the mirror, users stand one meter distance away from the mirror , which turns into convex.

Magic Mirror theory

1.Convex surface for zoom-in
The mirror uses a kind of flexible synthetic with good specular reflection ability.

2.Flat mirror for 1:1 image
The drive motor pushes the surface to flat position.

3.Concave surface for zoom-out
The sensor detects the inter-distance and pull the surface backward.