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2017 Reddot Nomination - Carbon Fiber Magnetic Hanger

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Carbon Fiber Magnet Hanger

Material series:
Carbon fiber neodymium magnet

Product Molding:
ARCH is thin overall and the shape is based on double curve, which makes it very light, also can avoid brittle and break easily.
Cross concave on the top of hanger, which can fit the pole closely to enhance the magnetic force.

Key Features:
User simply more the hangers close to the metallic surface and the magnetic force will draw the two hangers together.
Different from traditional hangers. ARCH is using the magnet instead of the hook on the top of hanger. This design reduces the steps when hanging clothes and saves nearly ten centimeters of vertical space on average.
ARCH is made out of carbon fiber, so the hanger is harder and tougher. Neodymium magnets are placed at the top of the hangers, which makes ARCH hangers are capable of supporting up to 1 KG of weight.