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2017 Reddot Nomination for Hangers

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Dual-Hook Hanger

Normally a cloth hanger has only one hook, that means a rack has only one way to use.
Dual-rack with 2 hooks on both sides can be used as standard mode or ancor mode. The ancor mode is specially for the slips which could slip down from a normal hanger.

The hanger can be used in 2-way according to the stuffs that you want to hang. The ancor mode enables you to deal with the slip easily. One of the hook can be also treated as a handle if the user is not tall enough.

Smart bin for public places: Wind Bin
Littering in a big problem in public places, but how to solve it?
We design one bin which combination shooting ball and trash bin function, which contains one wind blow to collection the bottle when user shoot the bottles into the collection holes. The theory is like dust collector, when bottles are close to wind holes, they are suck into the box.

2 in 1_2

Hanger 2 In 1

Sometimes user would like to hang a set of clothes or dresses together, this 2 in 1 hanger passes to this situation. By pressing the red button you can pull the nether hanger out to hang another more dress, it takes less space.

hanger with cupule 2

Cupules Hanger

With two cupules the hanger is able to stick on the smooth surface with any angle, user can put different stuffs on the hook, to provide more use possibilities.