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solar energy

Soil and water Conservation

Its benefit indicators meets or exceeds the target value. Ecological environmental protection, the ecological structure is more stable, the water and soil conservation function is improved, which is conducive to groundwater recharge.

A Complete ECO Device

Wastewater and sewage treatment, woodworking central vacuuming, dry dust removal cabinet, bag dust removal equipment, water spray dust removal, activated carbon adsorption, water curtain cabinet exhaust gas purification.


Reduce CO2 Emissions by 500 tons

Photovoltaic power generation is renewable energy power generation, they can be recycled in nature.It is used to reduce CO2 generation caused by coal power generation and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Environmental Impact

Atmospheric Environmental Impact the emission of dust and paint mist meets the emission limit requires of particulate matter. The emission of VOCs conforms to the Emission Standard of Volatile Organic Compounds for Surface Coating.

co2 footprint


Zhitao display plays an positive role in promoting and supporting social responsibility. Strictly be focus on ethical labor practices, environmental efforts and service to the communities where our employees work. 


Silver EcoVadis Evaluation

Zhitao display finished the first annual sustainability assessment with EcoVadis, a trusted global business sustainability rating organization, achieved a “Sliver” rating in 2022. More than 75,000 companies use the EcoVadis platform to benchmark their sustainability programs against a universal scorecard.

We also hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable to the highest ethical standards. We are contributed to supporting to the core suppliers, and require their participation in our comprehensive social compliance auditprocess.Besides EcoVadis, We also got the ISO45001 and SA 8000.

Respect for international human rights law,obviously within our society but also among our subcontractors and partners.

Zhitao is hiring these underemployed individuals at our offices and plants, and also expand our employment plan of the disabled, minority groups, isolated women and single young mothers, economically disadvantaged, long-term unemployed, war veterans and seniors.社会责任-2s


Zhitao display are committed to comply with Eco-design standard or use renewable, recycled or certified materials to reduce final waste, by giving a second life to waste as waste becomes the source. To 2025, we guarantee all wooden raw material with FSC COC, 100% traceable from sustainable source.