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Ainmniú Reddot 2017-Buidéal nó Gan Buidéal Bruscar

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Smart bin for Mall - Bottle or Not Bottle

According to the research about garbage in shopping malls, we find out plastic bottles waste the space of trash bins mostly, which leads to cleaners have to renew the bins as frequently as possible and it’s also not environment-friendly.

We have determined to design one trash bin that help reducing the frequency of renewing the bins to improve its efficiency. The bin has 2 inner boxes and we add one recognition function for bins, which can distinguish bottles from other garbage.


Smart bin for public place - Wind Bin

Littering in a big problem in public places, but how to solve it?
We design one bin which combination shooting ball and trash bin function, which contains one wind blow to collection the bottle when user shoot the bottles into the collection holes. The theory is like dust collector, when bottles are close to wind holes, they are suck into the box.