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Siopa 2020! Dúshlán Taispeána Fuinneog X Rás

Am: 2022-07-28 Hits: 50

Zhitao display hand in hand Shanghai Art & Design Academy participated to Shop! X Race Window Display 2020. The work is titled “Reality and Shiny”, we won the best sustainable award.


The window display device is designed by Christmas elements in an abstract way, reshaping the
Christmas ball combined with Christmas tree. It broke through the traditional color of red and green, we dared to try white and black, gold and silver as main color to light up daily objects.

On the material part, our innovation use of 20,000 straws are as the basic of window background  
20,000 straws made the window display be transparent, owning to the straws’ hollow shape, in the process of superimposing each other, when visitors stood on the different perspective, and visual effects produced by the reflection material and lighting. It made the whole window display magic and agile.